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Blue Peaks Lodge, Wheelchair Accessible Accommodation Queenstown


Blue Peaks Lodge is conveniently located, just a 2-minute walk to the town centre, yet facing onto a quiet tree-lined street opposite Queenstown Gardens.


The Reception has excellent access with concrete ramping, no slip and glass sliding door.

The accommodation complex has one two-bedroom wheelchair apartment located on the far end of the complex from the Reception. It is accessed from driving around and into a separate paved driveway. There is plenty of space to park straight outside the access apartment. Apart from the gradual gradient from the road along the driveway, once in the complex it is a level terrain.

Two- Bedroom Wheelchair Unit – Room 309

This is a wonderful spacious apartment with the bonus of two bedrooms.

The access into the apartment has a concrete raised ramp allowing for a lip-free entry. The glass door entry is sliding.


The living/kitchen area has a good space with moveable furniture. There is also a sofa bed in the living area that can accommodate an extra person.

The Bedrooms

Both Queen beds cannot be separated or moved. The bedroom closer to the wet area bathroom has less space for transfers from the bed to the wall – 640mm distance. The second bedroom has a transfer space of 1530mm (ample) from one side. The bedroom door widths are 820mm.

Bedroom One

Bedroom Two

The Wet Area Bathroom

Bathroom Door Width950mm (cavity slider)
Wet Area1610mm x 1120mm
Shower ChairAvailable on request
Shower HoseFlexi and mounted on slide rail
Toilet710mm from wall to end of pan
460mm in height from floor
Basin900mm height from floor
MirrorToo high and fixed
TowelsEasy reach

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